Infrared Roof Inspection

Infrared Roof Inspection

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How does it work ?

Infrared thermography provides a real-time, non-destructive, non-invasive method to inspect a property. During the course of a sunny day the roof is exposed to solar radiation. A portion of this radiation is absorbed by the roof in the form of heat. Wet areas of roofing have reduced thermal resistance and increased thermal capacity will absorb and retain more of this heat than the dryer areas. As the roof system cools during the evening, wet areas of the roof will retain more thermal energy and will cool slower than the drier areas. The warmer areas emit more infrared radiation which is detectable with our infrared imager.

What do I get with my inspection ?

Once the inspection is scheduled, Oklahoma Roofing and Sheet Metal will have a FLIR Certified Thermographer and an assistant go to your location on the evening of your choice. The Thermographer will begin the thorough scan over your roof. If any moisture is detected, the inspector will mark area and check with non-destructive moisture meter. After all areas have been scanned and verified by either moisture meter or core sample, a full custom report will be created for the client with all information needed for repairs.The Information includes: Property Description, Building Conditions,  Pictures, Method, Equipment Used, Roof Drawing with damaged areas, Summary of Inspection.

Are you certified ?

Yes! Oklahoma Roofing and Sheet Metal does have FLIR Certified Building Investigators. Our Inspectors are also certified on the specific camera model that he or she will be using for the investigation.

Does the inspection detect mold ?

Be advised that a thermal scan is not a substitute for indoor air quality (IAQ) testing for pollutants and/or potential bio-hazards, including mold. If the client is concerned about the quality of indoor air or the presence of pollutants or bio-hazards, a qualified IAQ specialist should be consulted

How much does it cost ?

Unfortunately, we can not give you a price until we know the size and property description. Once we have the information, we would be more then happy to give you a price.